LETTERS: Solar owners, be heard at ballot box

We have heard all the pros and cons of rooftop solar, so there’s no need to go into how I feel about being cheated out of a lower electric bill. However, while NV Energy and those on the Public Utilities Commission board are not elected officers, Gov. Brian Sandoval is.

When I go to the polls, I am going to select “none of the above,” or write it in or if there is no place to do that, or just skip over all the elected candidates. I am going to vote “no” on everything else. I would encourage the 17,000 other solar customers, plus all those that lost their jobs over the PUC’s net metering decision, to vote this way, as well.

Someone will take notice that a few Nevadans are dissatisfied with the way things are going. I’ll bet I can push the envelope to 100,000 votes for “none of the above” and “no” on everything else. I’m certainly going to try.

Marlene Smith


No tax dollars for ESAs

Regarding Education Savings Accounts, as the old saying goes “No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it’s still a pig.”

Unless the Nevada Legislature has found a magic money tree, no matter how it allocates the money, ESAs are funded by tax dollars. That money cannot legally be used for private schools.

Mary Louise Flanneary

Las Vegas

Resort fees

Regarding MGM Resorts’ decision to begin charging for parking, how may more tactics will casino executives come up with to bleed the pockets of their guests? A few years ago, a decision was made to lower payouts on blackjack. Then they came up with resort fees, advertising favorable room rates as an enticement, only for guests to later learn of the daily fee.

I have some suggestions to help these casinos further enhance cashflow. They should consider placing toll booths at all freeway exits and surrounding streets that lead to the Strip. They could charge per vehicle or per occupant for the privilege of viewing their precious properties in the comfort of their own vehicle. The fee would double at nightfall, of course.

After guests have paid to park, they can be charged an entrance fee just to get into the building. How about charging a players fee for every hand at card games or for each roll of he dice? And of course, a device could be installed on bathroom doors to collect a fee there. That would be a guaranteed money maker.

I realize all these suggestions are ridiculous and would only be implemented by someone with the mentality of putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank. I’m simply attempting to make a point. When will it all end?

Ron Manaigre


Southwest pilots

With regard to the negotiations between Southwest Airlines and its pilots, where is the brain power? (“Southwest pilots picket over lack of contract progress,” Feb. 10 Review-Journal). It is absolutely unnecessary to take four years to settle on a contract. Pilots are a vital part of our lives and the economy in 2016.

It’s a sad day in America when the people who strive to do so much for us are not recognized for their great ability to bring thousands of tourists to Las Vegas. I salute our pilots. You are very intelligent people, and you deserve a raise.

Thresia Tish Pierce

Las Vegas

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