LETTERS: Sun’s undoing brought on by son

To the editor:

In response to stories about the Las Vegas Sun suing the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

As a kid, I used to deliver the morning Sun, and the weight would almost leave me unable to ride my bike. Today, the Sun is no more than an insert, smaller than an electronics store ad and mostly consisting of reprints from New York Times staffers and the occasional “opining” of Brian Greenspun.

Mr. Greenspun’s father, Hank Greenspun, actually built something. As is typical, the son drives it into the ground. Those of us who have been here awhile know the Sun should’ve died years ago.



Think before you speak

To the editor:

Letter writer Kathleen Gibbons, supposedly an upstanding citizen of the United States and surely very proud and happy to be one, criticizes the president of this beloved country, Barack Obama (“Obama deflated,” Friday letters). Hearing and seeing the many atrocities taking place in other countries, Ms. Gibbons should be thankful for having a president who is keeping and has kept all of us out of such mayhem.

All Ms. Gibbons can see is how he is holding his head or if a smile or frown is on his face. A frown should be on most of our faces for what’s being done to the people in Syria, especially the children.

Ms. Gibbons should be sending emails encouraging the president to look into and investigate before jumping into another conflict. Her letter should have read that we support the president, whether he’s smiling or frowning, because he’s the president. Ms. Gibbons should have quit before she started the letter, while she was ahead.



The red line

To the editor:

In an interview on CNN, President Barack Obama commented about his red line in Syria, pointing out that use of chemical weapons wouldn’t be tolerated. That was just more smoke for the liberal media.

Two months ago, there was evidence of the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons against its own citizens, but the president moved the red line back a few yards. This past week, he said we have to move slowly on this issue.

I believe the president is trying to tell us he’ll have an answer in about 3½ years. He piled that up with the Benghazi investigation, the intolerable IRS scandal still under investigation, and the Department of Justice violating the rights of journalists.

I wonder where we’d be if President John F. Kennedy had a similar response when Russia sent missiles to Cuba? Where would we be if President George H.W. Bush responded that way to Saddam Hussein’s attack of Kuwait?

President Obama thinks the only requirement of being president is to pat the simple people on the backs of their heads while assuring them, “Don’t worry, everything’s going just fine.” His entire time as president has been one of executive order privilege, sneaking the unpopular ObamaCare onto the backs of Americans.

So far, from what I can see, his job as president is campaigning to sell ObamaCare to those fully unaware of its implications and playing golf with his liberal supporters. I would appreciate it if someone can prove me wrong.



“The Butler”

To the editor:

I recently read that Ike Boutwell, a Korean War veteran who owns movie theaters in Kentucky, is refusing to show the movie “The Butler” because Jane Fonda plays former first lady Nancy Reagan. Mr. Boutwell considers her to be a traitor because of her actions during the Vietnam War.

Many Vietnam veterans share that opinion, and as a combat Vietnam veteran, I applaud Mr. Boutwell for his stance. I salute you, sir.



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