LETTERS: Teleprompter causes president’s woes

To the editor:

President Barack Obama does not take responsibility for any of the scandals of his administration. He feels just as badly as we do about Benghazi, Obamacare problems, Fast and Furious and the National Security Agency snooping. And we know that POTUS (President Of The United States) knew nothing about these problems nor caused any of them because he told us so.

So who or what is responsible for these debacles? I think I have figured it out: It is TOTUS (Teleprompter Of The United States). Mr. Obama reads all of his speeches using TOTUS, and even takes it with him when briefing grade-schoolers.

It now seems clear that TOTUS is the entity that actually runs the country, and the president is simply the reader of the policies and ideas formulated by this unfeeling machine. The House of Representatives needs to hold hearings on TOTUS to get at the truth of Benghazi and the other scandals plaguing the Obama presidency.

Unplugging it might be the solution to all our problems.



Enough of liberalism

To the editor:

I just found out that I can keep my insurance! Obamacare has not destroyed my company’s insurance plan — yet.

I also just found out that if I choose to keep my insurance and not enter into one of the exchanges authorized by yet another Republican In Name Only, Gov. Brian Sandoval, that there will be a fee — in other words, a tax — of $63 per person on my policy for choosing to keep my own insurance. That adds $252 to the annual premium I will pay for choosing to keep my own policy.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi was right. Democrats had to pass this piece of legislation to find out what was in it. Have you had enough of liberalism yet?



Offshoring Obamacare

To the editor:

In the wake of the failed Obamacare website rollout, there is another aspect to this story that is not being given enough attention by national news outlets. Toni Townes-Whitley, a senior vice president of CGI Federal, the Canadian company that designed the website, was a friend and classmate of first lady Michelle Obama at Princeton.’s no-bid contract was awarded to CGI Federal, despite the fact that three other bids were submitted. In the last election, President Barack Obama constantly railed against American companies for sending their jobs overseas, taking away valuable jobs that American workers needed. How is it, then, that this contract for the design and implementation of the president’s most important and signature legislation is awarded to a non-American company?

The federal government sends hundreds of millions of dollars into the Canadian economy rather than the American economy — hundreds of millions of dollars that the federal government receives from hard-working, American taxpayers.



Contempt breeds bullying

To the editor:

After reading “‘Bullying’ losing sting” (Oct. 28 Review-Journal) at McCarran International Airport while preparing to return to New York, I felt compelled to tell your readers what I have learned from Aesthetic Realism, the education founded by philosopher Eli Siegel.

Bullying will not lose its sting until people understand what it comes from. Mr. Siegel explained that all human injustice arises from contempt, “the disposition in every person to think he will be for himself by making less of the outside world.” Contempt, the feeling that we are somehow bigger by making less of another, is what leads to bullying—whether on the playing field, the school bus, via the Internet, in a marriage or in Washington, D.C. — and it won’t stop being attractive to people until they see how hurtful it really is to the person being bullied.

Contempt causes the world’s social, economic and personal misery. When we learn how to understand and criticize it in ourselves and in others, America will be a kinder, safer land.



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