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LETTERS: The United States can’t do it alone

The big issue in the Democratic Party has to do with climate change. All the candidates agree that it is caused by humans and that the United States must spend trillions of dollars to combat it or, within a decade or so, the world as we know it will end.

Yet all the so-called experts point out that if we do everything that is proposed, the temperature will stay much the same, maybe a degree cooler. No one is asking the Democrat candidates what they would do to force China and India — the two biggest pollution contributors — to help us “save our planet.”

Let’s face it. If you believe the planet will die if the United States doesn’t take these drastic steps, then we better start forcing China and India to stop all their pollution. No one in the media seems to want to ask the candidates that question.

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LETTER: The dismal US jobs report

It’s too soon to read doom and gloom into one report—which likely will be revised (upward/downward) in the future.