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LETTERS: UNLV men’s basketball should retain Simon as permanent coach

While there is no doubt that the Review-Journal has two great sports columnists in Ed Graney and Ron Kantowski, I really feel the RJ needs to give UNLV interim men’s basketball coach Todd Simon a chance to breathe. This daily bevy of speculation over who the next coach will be is premature and quite disrespectful to Mr. Simon.

I was apprehensive about Mr. Simon at first, but after observing his passion and bonding with the players, I concluded that UNLV may have already found its permanent coach. If so, let’s save the cost of a national search and put the money needed in upgrading player facilities. That, in turn, will increase the pride and motivation in the program.

Jim Guynup

Las Vegas

Pedestrian safety

Could someone please explain why tighter measures have not been initiated for pedestrian safety in Las Vegas? There have been multiple stories on drivers smashing into storefronts, hitting pedestrians in crosswalks, and the king of them all: hitting pedestrians who are waiting at bus stops. Think about it. You’re waiting for a bus, perhaps reading a book, when you hear a screech and see the front of a two-ton vehicle headed straight at you.

Our elected officials should understand that concrete barriers and Rebar columns at bus stops can save lives. It’s a no-brainer. We voted for you. Was that an errant decision? Safety for pedestrians should rank higher than it does. Do the job you promised by protecting people. Excuses don’t save lives, but taking action and promoting stiffer penalties will.

Randy Tate

Las Vegas

Nevada Legislature

Sean Whaley’s article on the Nevada Legislature was a real hoot (“Democrats could retake Nevada Senate, Assembly this year,” Monday Review-Journal). With Gov. Brian Sandoval and his RINO (Republican in Name Only) cohorts filling seats in both state houses and the governor’s mansion, the Democratic agenda has been promoted in spades.

The only thing left to do is consult with the education establishment to make sure no opportunity is missed to raise our taxes during the 2017 legislative session.

Dennis Leffner

Las Vegas

Political destruction

The divisions in this country, especially in Congress, reflects the condition of citizens of this country. It is no wonder that elected officials in Washington, D.C., are at odds on almost every issue. We the people have voted ourselves into a quagmire, a standstill. No law or new regulation that actually helps our country will ever pass without a compromises attached that aren’t good for anybody except special interest groups. We have set ourselves up for failure.

The time has come to stop being a Republican or a Democrat and start being an American again. Stop worrying about the special interest you think you deserve, with total disregard to what the actual cost to our country is. This is destroying America.

I am sick of professional politicians running our country! It’s time to take our country back from the special interest groups issuing legal bribes through political contributions to those in Congress. Our federal elected officials are greedy power mongers who want to get on a committee or move up to a position, in order to get more money from lobbyists to keep themselves in a job. They don’t even live by the same rules and laws they expect us to live by. It’s ridiculous.

Democrats and Republicans have sold our country to the highest bidder. Let’s bring out our brooms this November. It’s time to sweep away the trash in Washington and elect leaders who aren’t politicians. If we continue on the same path, it is not a matter of if we self destruct, but when.

Carl Martin

Las Vegas

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