LETTERS: Watering ban will add up to nothing

The editorial on the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s lawn sprinkler ban on Sundays during the summer noted that up to 900 million gallons of water could be saved (“No watering on Sundays,” Friday Review-Journal). The problem with the report is simply the words “up to.”

Most of us in the valley realize very few people water their lawns on Sundays, preferring three or four of the other days of the week. And it should be a no-brainer to see that just switching from Sunday to another day of the week actually saves no water at all.

If we really need to take conservation measures with watering — and we do — then we should do it by reducing such sprinkler use to a maximum of three days a week. This should be more than enough to keep the lawns green. If it’s not, then folks can simply start removing their lawns in favor of desert landscape that requires much less water use.

The editorial should have sought to put some teeth into saving water. Or, as RJ editorials do with other global warming issues, simply say it isn’t happening and do nothing. That is what the Sunday sprinkler ban amounts to — nothing.

Richard L. Strickland

North Las Vegas

Shut down Creech

Throughout this week, peace and justice activists from around the country will gather at “Camp Justice” in Indian Springs to stop killer drones operated from Creech Air Force Base. This nonviolent happening features direct action, speakers, entertainment, workshops and more.

Creech is home to the Air Force and the CIA’s control and command center for drone operations around the world. This program is an out-of-control technological nightmare, killing many more innocents than terrorists.

Last year’s protests at Creech saw dozens of activists arrested for blocking access to this site, less than an hour from Las Vegas. The odds are long, but that won’t stop hundreds of us from trying to shut down Creech.

Don Kimball

Las Vegas

Backpack banning

Ted Newkirk’s letter criticizing the banning of backpacks on the Strip overlooks some facts (“Banning backpacks on Strip a misguided, feel-good effort,” Saturday Review-Journal). While I agree with him on the “useless, feel-good” reality of much of the attempt to provide safety throughout the country, he is overlooking some facts regarding glass bottles and backpacks on the Strip.

Public swimming pools, beaches, stadiums and any area that could attract crowds already ban glass containers, to avoid broken glass and its potential for harm. Glass bottles have been used as weapons on the Strip more times than he realizes. Just ask the Metro Police Department.

As for backpacks, recall that the 2013 Boston Marathon attack involved two explosions from bombs in backpacks. Photos show one of the bombers with the backpack on his back, then a later photo without the backpack. And as for the Strip being safe because it has an abundance of security cameras, that won’t deter a bomber. The Boston Marathon area had hundreds of cameras, and furthermore, suicide bombers don’t care if they are identified.

Don Merz

Las Vegas

County money-savings

John L. Smith’s Friday notes column had a small item tucked into it entitled “Email savings,” on the Clark County Election Department finding a way to save money. When Clark County government can save taxpayers $1.5 million, shouldn’t that information warrant a larger headline, or at least have more of an eye-catching title?

Participating voters who sign up to receive sample ballots via email would cut costs on mailing, printing and handling. The more voters who sign up at www.clarkcountynv.gov, the greater the savings. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Phoebe Dinsmore

Las Vegas

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