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LETTERS: Where to cut? English Language Learners, for starters

Defending his education budget (“Public vote on tax package sought,” Aug. 11 Review-Journal), Gov. Brian Sandoval calls the referendum filed by a group of anti-tax Republicans “a wrongheaded attack on the children and families of Nevada.” Then, listing nine elements of the program, Gov. Sandoval asks, “What will you cut?”

How about the additional $50 million allocated for English Language Learners? Gov. Sandoval, how should legal-resident, English-speaking parents feel when more tax dollars are taken from their pockets to fund classes for children whose parents have failed their own responsibility: enabling their children to speak English, in a majority English-speaking country? What’s the message from those non-English-speaking parents? It appears to be, “I don’t have to do it because you’ll pay to do it for me.”

Graham H. Tye

North Las Vegas

Commission vs. Roos

Regarding the Roos-N-More editorial (“Commission should let Roos-N-More reopen,” Saturday Review-Journal), Jay Holt has been our veterinarian for more than 15 years. We rescue dogs and, believe me, would never let just anyone take care of them. Dr. Holt is a caring individual.

However, from what I understand, care of the animals is not the problem at Roos-N-More. That’s why I can’t help but think there are more than portable toilets at issue here. There must be some back story. It sounds almost like a personal vendetta.

If, as the editorial says, Dr. Holt and his wife have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade facilities, then why did the Clark County Commission refuse to approve the special use permit last month?

Stephanie Wilson

Las Vegas

Trump time

The polling of Republican voters proves Donald Trump is the face of the Republican Party (“Trump’s support holds strong post-debate,” Aug. 11 Review-Journal). The Republican voters love what Mr. Trump is saying. They say he’s telling it like it is. He’s an in-your-face kind of guy. He hates undocumented immigrants, although many undocumented immigrants work for him, but he says it’s not his responsibility to address that.

He’s the most military guy you’ll ever meet. He has a secret plan to wipe out ISIS. He calls every opponent (Republican or Democrat) weak and a loser.

He claims current leadership can’t negotiate. He’s negotiated his own bankruptcy multiple times, stiffing his creditors. He’s caused lots of people to lose money by believing in him. He loves to fire people. What’s not to like?

Mr. Trump is the personification of Republicans. Call off the debates. Why would he not be nominated by the Republican Party to run for president? The Republican voters love him. Can’t you just visualize Mr. Trump in the White House? His wife would be a perfect first lady. It’ll be “Saturday Night Live” every day, with Mr. Trump as host.

Mr. Trump is the Democrats’ savior. The Democrats would love to have Mr. Trump as the Republican nominee. Democratic donors should donate to the Trump campaign so that he can win the nomination. Or maybe he will keep all those donations in order to up his net worth, whatever that phony number is.

It’s only the Republican National Committee, his Republican opponents and people with a brain who don’t like Mr. Trump, and he mostly ignores all of those people. You go, Donald Trump.

Dave Starr

Las Vegas

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