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LETTERS: Who pays for all the Democrats’ promises?

With each Democratic debate, I shake my head even more than I did with the previous ones. It’s as if the candidates are doing their best to out-do the previous candidate who spoke.

I liken it to giving a child ice cream: One person says he will give the child a scoop … the second person says she will give the child two scoops. You can see where I’m going.

Everyone complains about the deficit, but no one can explain how the government is going to pay for all of these promises about free health care, including for those in the United States illegally; a guaranteed income for every adult each month; free college, etc.

These candidates must think we are all stupid and gullible. No one talks about the problems with crime, filth in the cities, the homelessness and the deplorable way the veterans are treated. But, boy, they sure keep on promising the world. How it will be paid for is someone else’s problem, I guess.

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