Liberal hypocrisy on religious tolerance

To the editor:

Some unknown pastor was going to throw some Qurans on a bonfire in Florida, and the leftists are up in arms? Aren’t these the same leftists who burn American flags and conservative authors’ books and call it “freedom of speech”?

And aren’t these the same leftists who rail against crosses on a hill, “under God” in the Pledge, “In God We Trust” on U.S. currency, refer to religious politicians as “wackos and weirdos,” foam at the mouth if Jesus is mentioned in public and who have driven Christmas and Easter into becoming “winter and spring” breaks?

Why their sudden lack of concern about “freedom of speech” and their feigned concern about “religious freedom”?

Leftists shedding crocodile tears over “religious tolerance” is worse than a pathetic joke, it’s an insult.

One other question: When Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq, Afghanistan and other predominantly Muslim nations blow up each other’s mosques, are there no Qurans being destroyed, as well?

Jerry Fink

Las Vegas

Blame Barack

To the editor:

While President Obama’s administration continues to blame the economy on the former Bush administration, one fact has become obvious: The people in President Obama’s administration do not relate to the business world, at all.

Any CEO or business executive who for almost two years continually blamed the person or group who previously held the job would be terminated for non-performance.

Considering the Democrats have been in control of the House and Senate for almost four years, and given the current state of the economy, they need to be voted out of office in November.

Jim Horsley


Vote no

To the editor:

So another lawyer, Marshall Willick, writes to tell us how much better off we will be if we leave the selection of the judicial branch of government to him and his colleagues in the legal industry (“Judges shouldn’t be selected by popularity,” Review-Journal, Sept. 4).

Let’s deal with the “many judges ran unopposed” argument. Why are they unopposed? Remember, our system is wide open now. Any lawyer, including Mr. Willick, who believes a judge is in the 10 percent category of “sitting judges so deficient that they shouldn’t remain in office” can file and run against him. You can find two examples of this right on your primary ballot.

You will also find four examples of judges who ran unopposed and won their new term in the primary. As citizens in our current open system, we can be as close to certain as we can get when it comes to who is going to govern us that those four people are good judges who deserved to be re-elected, whether by one vote or more than 100,000 votes, which each one got.

What about these glorious panels we keep having thrown at us? The Judicial Selection and Judicial Performance Commissions? Who will make up these two groups? It’s going to be judges and lawyers and well-connected/juiced gubernatorial appointees. No “popularity contests” or politics in that arrangement, right?

It is amazing how inwardly focused so many of those operating in the judicial branch have become. Right now their self-obsession is just an irritation, but what they are trying to run by us with Question 1 represents a genuine threat to open government and the right of the people to maintain our proper place in the governing process.

No on Question 1.



Getting scared

To the editor:

In his self-righteous piece (“Suffering white self-pity, Sept. 5), Christopher Hitchens trots out all the far-left talking points as conclusive proof that most white Americans are nativist racists.

Why just look at the uproar against illegal immigration! The caterwauling against the Ground Zero mosque! Glenn Beck’s obvious anti-everything but Christianity rally! Those loons in the Tea Party! The changes made to the Pledge of Allegiance!

Me thinks that the real anxiety and self-pity is on the left.

The slumbering giant is waking, and the unwashed masses are rebelling against the self-destructive, counterintuitive course that the left would have this country chart. Far from being racists, the majority of Americans are decent, welcoming people, who don’t require or desire the endless haranguing by these self-appointed “elites” on what is wrong with our country. And we are beginning to say so, which scares the hell out of Mr. Hitchens, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and all the other bastions of everything anti-American.

It frightens them to realize that they can no longer bludgeon us into silence by attributing all our actions and motives to “racism.”



Traffic stop

To the editor:

I have found a new revenue source for local government. Take two motorcycle patrol officers and station them at the metered diamond lanes. Have one by the meter and one on the shoulder to issue the citation.

While I was abiding the law and patiently waiting my turn for the green signal, I observed 10 cars go through the two-passenger lane only. Of those 10 cars, only three had two or more people in them.

This could serve a dual purpose, as they could also check the tags on the plates.

Robert Maige

Las Vegas

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