Liberal media not covering malfeasance in Libya

To the editor:

Finally! Someone is noticing the Benghazi tragedy. Thank you for your Nov. 1 editorial.

The liberal media are not reporting this, and the general populace is unaware of this tragedy and apparent cover-up by the White House. Our country votes in five days! This current president is absolutely unqualified to remain in his job.

Whatever your political preference is, this needs to be exposed. Four men died.

Those that are protecting this administration should be asked where their allegiance is … to our country, the U.S.A., or President Obama?

I am just a senior citizen frightened by what I see happening to our country.



To the editor:

Regarding Benghazi-gate: While there are pages full of reasons to vote out of office our current president, anyone even considering a vote for Obama should know that Ty Woods was a citizen of the great state of Nevada and after he went to the aid of Americans under siege, risking his life, his commander-in-chief left him twisting in the wind. It will be a disgrace should the state of Nevada be painted “blue” come Nov. 6.



To the editor:

Thank you sincerely for your Nov. 1 editorial and for having the courage to hold the president accountable for his lack of leadership. I am appalled at what has happened to our press, that they feel no need to report the truth and even worse feel it is OK to deliberately not inform Americans.

Thank you for giving me some renewed faith in American journalism. Also, thank you for writing what many Americans have known for a long time, that Gov. Romney is a man of integrity and leadership.



To the editor:

After reading your editorial about Benghazi and its tragedy, it is time for us to speak the truth.

Obama will in time go down as a very successful president. This is because his agenda is to destroy our country. He has done an excellent job at doing this. He needs another four years to complete his mission and he will succeed.

Obama is anti-American. He is a socialist and a Muslim sympathizer. To call him anti-Israel is an understatement.

Americans sadly are increasingly uneducated, less sophisticated and unable to understand what is happening, largely due to the mainstream media that lies to them and also due to conservative media outlets that simply refuse to tell them what they have to hear. The very future of our country is at stake. The emphasis on the economy is blown out of proportion and our place in the world is not nearly emphasized enough. Most Americans would rather watch football than a presidential debate. That the two would be available opposite each other is another matter.

What do Obama and Romney have in common? Simply, neither deserves to be our president. One is determined to destroy our way of life, and the other unwilling and unable to make his case. Romney was not an overwhelmingly popular choice among Republicans. Romney appears stiff, almost robotic in his demeanor. Further, his unwillingness to get down to the nitty gritty and call Obama the anti-American socialist that he is and explain how Obama is looking to destroy our land will be his undoing.

This is the most important election in my lifetime and the future of this country is in the balance. I am almost 70 and saddened and dismayed that we as a people are allowing this to happen. Heaven help us.



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