Look for waste before raising taxes

A recent letter writer made the case for a gaming tax increase — as opposed to the interminable “more cops” sales tax hike proposal — to fund additional police officers in the resort corridor. Unfortunately, any time the argument becomes about who pays the additional taxes, government wins and taxpayers lose.

Why can’t the conversation be about where wasteful spending can be cut to fund worthwhile government projects? Allowing tax increases, even for a good cause, effectively ratifies all of existing government spending.

We can start by looking at the ridiculous pensions — unlike anything offered in the private sector — being handed out to police and firefighters. Let’s also take a look at outdated “prevailing wage” laws that cause taxpayers to overpay for capital projects. While we’re at it, I’m sure we can find a lot of government services that could be contracted out instead of padding the public payroll.

Now our leaders want to impose additional room taxes to fund a new stadium. And I thought Nevada was supposed to be the low-tax state.

Mike Mathews

Las Vegas

Proud moment

African-Americans — and all Americans — can be justly proud. This month, for the first time in our history, the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture will open in Washington, D. C.

This great achievement comes after 100 years — the idea was first proposed in 1915 that there be a monument and museum to honor the contributions African-Americans in making America the great country it is today. How fitting and apropos that our first African-American president and first lady, Barack Obama and Michelle, will preside over the museum opening.

American blacks are moving toward the “promised land” that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed it would be. He gave his life for a united America — home of the brave and land of the free.

Clyde Dinkins

Las Vegas

Just imagine

The Review-Journal recently reported that a statue representing a nude Donald Trump (or what someone thinks Mr. Trump looks like nude) was on display downtown for a short time. Mercifully, it was vandalized and removed.

Just imagine the outcry from Democrats if a nude statue of Hillary Clinton had been erected. Wouldn’t that be deplorable?

Ellen Shaw


Differing views

I rarely agree with columnist Steve Sebelius and other liberal opinion writers in the Review-Journal. But I read them because I like to know what those on the different sides of a political argument have to say.

That is the traditional American way.

So I particularly welcomed Wayne Allyn Root as a long overdue, conservative local addition to the Review-Journal. But as I started reading the letters to the editor condemning your paper for daring to carry Mr. Root’s column, my first thought was the personal attacks felt like an organized scheme by anti-Americans who can think along only one, far-left liberal channel.

Mr. Root’s letter-writing critics cannot stand any disagreement with their opinions. They failed to provide any substance to their objections. They prefer to threaten to cancel their subscriptions rather than listen to a dissenting opinion and form a rebuttal.

Louise Nance


Counting sheep

I’m concerned to hear about the U.S. Air Force proposal to expand the training range into the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. National security is important, but does it really have to come at the cost of the largest wildlife refuge in the lower 48?

The refuge is the largest home to our state animal, the desert bighorn sheep. This majestic animal’s ability to thrive in such a harsh environment is a reflection of the American spirit, endurance and resiliency. They can tolerate drought and the desert heat, but I don’t think they can outrun the bombs of the Air Force.

Let’s keep this place set aside for the bighorn sheep.

Jim Stanger

Las Vegas

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