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Lucy Flores does a hit job on Joe Biden

Updated April 5, 2019 - 10:32 pm

Lucy Flores has discovered a new way of primarying fellow politicians that should give all citizens — male and female, Democrat or Republican — pause. Candidates of the male persuasion now have to be sure that they don’t make someone feel “uncomfortable.”

I don’t really know what “uncomfortable” means in the political sense. As a male voter of the liberal persuasion, I wouldn’t be inclined to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden. But to tar a candidate using a heretofore undefined broad-brush term such as “uncomfortable” is really a bridge too far. Ms. Flores has lost me, as I now have suspicions that, rather than being a strong and competent woman, she is a lackey for somebody else attempting to stymie a presidential run by the former VP.

Ms. Flores told CNN that Mr. Biden made her feel “uncomfortable.” Yet she readily states that she didn’t regard his actions as being “sexual” in nature. But she wondered why nobody told the VP that his actions made her feel “uncomfortable.” My question to Ms. Flores: Why didn’t you tell him you’re a big girl now?

OK, I know the drill. Ms. Flores will claim that, because Mr. Biden was in a position of power, she didn’t dare say anything. Well, for whatever courage she lacked to face the vice president, she must have regained that confidence when she reported on national television that Mr. Biden made her feel uncomfortable. It was as if Ms. Flores were transported to her past when perhaps she yelled “Mom, he’s looking at me” when quarreling with a family member.

Well, you know what, Ms. Flores? You’re making me feel awfully “uncomfortable” … whatever that means.

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