Married priests could molest children, too

To the editor:

In response to John Tominsky’s March 22 letter about walking in the pope’s shoes, when the Nazis were exterminating Jews and members of many other religions and nationalities, the Vatican looked the other way then, too. People always have excuses for the wrongs that they do, but not good enough reasons.

The real issue I have with Mr. Tominsky’s opinion is his belief that allowing priests to marry will prevent child molestation. He’s not the first person who has expressed this thought, and I cannot believe how many people actually believe this. Being married will not deter child molesters. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Anyone who harms a child in any way is evil and sick, and the people who cover up for them and look the other way are just as guilty. Sending them to other parishes and turning them loose on unsuspecting, innocent children is reprehensible. If the new pope really wants to make a difference, let him sweep the church clean of all the guilty.



Not buying ammo

To the editor:

After reading Mike Niederberger’s Tuesday letter, “Stocking up,” I’m dumbfounded that you would select this letter to be printed for a variety of reasons. For starters, every “question” Mr. Niederberger asks is beyond ludicrous and has the validity of a random email that made the rounds prior to the November election. I would like to respond to those questions.

Question 1: Why is there such a push to register guns while actively seeking to eliminate the Second Amendment? Answer: Sarah Palin suggested this while addressing a group of people who are like thinkers on March 1, 2013.

Question 2: Is it true the military members are being asked if they are willing to shoot and kill fellow Americans? Answer: This is a statement made by ultra-conservative Dr. Jim Garrow, who is known for making other ridiculous statements. When asked for his source in government, he replied “a military hero” and refused to comment any further.

Question 3: Why are there two well-funded, well-armed and well-staffed civilian militias in your Affordable Care Act? Answer: If “militias” are doctors and health care workers who in the event of a national emergency would be called on, it’s the kind of “militia” Americans would want, and that’s what’s being done.

Question 4: Why are Cabinet-level departments like Homeland Security buying thousands of tanks and billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition? Answer: They’re not. This again is another silly statement put out by Ms. Palin, who quit halfway through her term as governor of Alaska to chase the big money for speaking engagements to people with the same mind-set as Mr. Niederberger.



Brooks affair

To the editor:

How many lawyers are there in the Nevada Legislature? Every bill takes forever in committee, and every other one is some kind of protection for citizens that allows lawyers to file lawsuits to protect us.

The latest case with now-former Assemblyman Steven Brooks is a great example. Thanks to all those concerned lawyers and lawmakers, this thing dragged on longer than the O.J. Simpson trial. It’s time for us to start acting with some good old common sense.

If this had been any common citizen carrying weapons, threatening a lawmaker and carrying a sword in the neighborhood, he’d still be in jail or committed to the state mental ward, but not with those, “Let’s not jump to conclusions” Nevada lawyers and lawmakers.

Give me a break. It’s embarrassing to be a Nevada citizen anymore.



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