Medical expense tax deduction a boon to the disabled

In reference to Thomas Hurd’s Thursday letter, “Tax code”: Mr. Hurd argues for the elimination of many tax write-offs, including the deduction for medical expenses. Does he not care about the impact this would have on the disabled community?

The medical costs related to severe disabilities can be devastating. Perhaps Mr. Hurd should visit a medical supply store to get an idea. This deduction helps when a person requires a wheelchair or breathing equipment, etc. Many amputees and paralyzed individuals also need to adapt a vehicle so they have access. This costs tens of thousands of dollars. These exemptions allow them to offset the high costs of equipment needed for any quality of life.

I would note that many of these people have been able to lead productive lives and work because they can get this equipment. They pay taxes. Many run businesses that employ others, mostly able-bodied people. Some have been elevated to positions that they could not reach without this equipment. Some are CEOs, judges and members of Congress. Where would science be without Stephen Hawkins? Not better off.

Each of these issues needs to be evaluated in depth before conclusions are made.

I was able to work for more than 20 years, in spite of using a wheelchair, because of the assistance of this deduction. Others have done so for much longer.

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