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Metro officer’s inaction on Oct. 1 is inexcusable

I agree entirely with Wayne Allyn Root’s Sunday commentary that the video of Metro officer Cordell Hendrex’s inaction on the night of Oct. 1 is a disgrace. I also disagree with every politician quoted in the Saturday story “Officials say Oct. 1 video no cause to fault Metro.”

I spent nearly 29 years in law enforcement, and I was disgusted by the inaction of the coward of Broward County, and now I am disgusted by the inaction of officer Hendrex.

By his own admission, he was too afraid to act. Anyone who pins on the badge knows there are risks and dangers inherent in the job of being a police officer. All of us who have worn a police uniform know that it could cost us our life.

Mr. Hendrex is an embarrassment to the uniform and the badge and to every officer who has been killed in the line of duty. Mr. Hendrex needs to find another line of work in which he can feel safe. Every politician who condones his inaction should also find a backbone and another line of work.

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