Misguided attacks on President Donald Trump

Charles Parrish’s May 30 letter begs a response.

Mr. Parrish says President Trump, in his first 100 days, has increased pollution in the water that our children drink, kicked millions of children off the health-care rolls, denied immigration to children from the war-torn Middle East and has destroyed NATO, the only organization in Europe that cares about children.

Wow. Where to begin?

It might interest Mr. Parrish to know that the “nonpartisan” CBO has predicted Trump’s health-care bill will cause 10 million more people than were ever registered under Obamacare to lose their health insurance. Huh? That math doesn’t add up.

The EPA regulations being dumped harmed our environment and were detrimental to the rights of farmers who were sued into bankruptcy for building livestock ponds on their properties without EPA approval. Since 2009, the EPA has caused more harmful pollution to our environment than all the farmers in our country combined.

Has Mr. Parrish seen news coverage of the Middle Eastern refugees pouring into Europe? There are few women and children in the mix. And NATO? Members are already starting to rebuild their militaries, knowing they can’t expect us to keep picking up the check. This will make these countries stronger and strengthen the alliance, too. And they’ll do a better job of caring for children.

I know hatred for the president runs deep, but if you would attack him, please use facts, not half-truths and anonymous rumors.

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