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More renewables means more choice for Nevada consumers

The Review-Journal’s recent editorial “RPS amendment would decrease energy choice” was a real head-scratcher. It totally ignores Nevada’s current lopsided dependence on natural gas for electricity generation. Talk about a lack of choice, how does it make sense for this state, which is so rich in solar and geothermal potential, to rely of out-of-state natural gas for almost 75 percent of its electricity?

It doesn’t, especially with the price of natural gas expected to double by 2030. Right now, Nevada ratepayers are almost totally at the mercy of the global natural gas market. Reducing this vulnerability requires aggressive diversification away from natural gas. That diversity should come from the low-cost renewable fuels that exist in Nevada.

In sharp contrast to the forecast increase in gas prices, the price of solar energy has dropped more than 53 percent since 2010 and continues to fall. This declining cost of solar and other renewable energy generation has prompted utilities to increase renewable energy production at a record pace.

No state in America is better positioned to take advantage of the hot renewable energy market and reap the resulting economic benefits than Nevada. Diversifying the state’s energy mix with limitless in-state energy sources, which are only getting cheaper, will expand energy choice for Nevadans.

Just as smart diversification is a conservative approach to our finances; it is also the conservative choice for energy.

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