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Mueller probe was no ‘corrupt hoax’

In his April 28 column, Wayne Allyn Root described Robert Mueller’s investigation as “the most corrupt hoax in the history of U.S. politics.” I beg to differ.

The special counsel was appointed to look into the possibility that a hostile foreign power interfered with America’s presidential election and, further, that there was a possibility one of the two major campaigns collaborated with that foreign power. There was sufficient evidence that a Republican deputy attorney general appointed the special counsel to look into the matter.

To not look into it would have been irresponsible, even unconscionable.

I, for one, am happy that the results indicated there was not enough evidence to show cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia. Mr. Mueller did his job and did it well.

The special counsel’s investigation was not a “witch hunt” and was not “the most corrupt hoax in the history of U.S. politics.” It was a necessary and proper probe into a possible conspiracy that, if found to be true, could have been categorized as nothing less than treason.

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