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Nevada Democrats and the Electoral College

Democrats in the state Legislature are entertaining a proposal that would be extremely damaging for every citizen of Nevada. Support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact if you never want to have your voice heard in a federal election. It’s nothing but a bad knee-jerk reaction to the 2016 result.

This proposal will require Nevada’s electoral votes go to the candidate who wins the national popular vote, regardless of how Nevadans actually voted. So candidates will promise Californians and New Yorkers everything; states, such as Nevada, with small populations will get nothing.

If you think federal funding will continue evenly, think again. The big states will see their allocations increased at the expense of the small states. Yucca Mountain? Done deal. Colorado River compromises? Forget it. Highway repair funding for Nevada? Slashed along with federal educational funding.

When small states become irrelevant, you won’t want to live in them. Hence, property values will even decrease. This isn’t doomsday forecasting. It’s simply the logical reaction to terrible policymaking.

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