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Nevada Democrats play up their progressives credentials in primary ads

I find it interesting that Democratic politicians Steve Sisolak, Chris Giunchigliani, Jacky Rosen and Dina Titus make sure that they mention in their TV ads that they are progressives. I guess the Democratic Party has figured that the “liberal” and “socialist” labels are not well received. But what you call yourself does not change what you are.

Mr. Sisolak blames the NRA for gun violence and vows to ban assault rifles. He neglects to say what he would do with all those weapons already out there. I expect eventual confiscation.

Mr. Sisolak and Ms. Giunchigliani both think Nevada’s education problems can be solved with smaller class sizes and higher teacher salaries. You know, throw more money at the problem. How about instead we go back to basics an actually teach reading and math?

Mr. Sisolak is grateful to Planned Parenthood for helping him raise his daughters. I am curious about what that despicable organization was able to do for him. Perhaps it is a very generous donor.

None of these candidates would be good for Nevada. President Donald Trump was elected by half the voters in America and Nevada, and they have no right to disrespect him or us.

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