Nevada Sen. Dean Heller tries to have it both ways on health care

I see that Sen. Dean Heller voted to repeal Obamacare once cuts to Medicaid came off the table.

Sen. Heller should realize that Medicaid is a functionally insolvent program; just one of the many financially doomed entitlements that our enlightened government is failing to address. But Sen. Heller is now free to claim to be a “good person” who is looking out for Nevada’s most vulnerable while also protecting us from the financial insanity of Obamacare.

The fact that my grandchildren will be left to pick up the pieces of a financially failed Medicaid and other bankrupt federal entitlements, and the equally bankrupt gold-plated public employee retirement plans, is apparently of no concern to Sen. Heller and his comrades. They govern for the moment, passing out money they do not have.

And about these “most vulnerable Nevadans.” Did they take advantage of a free public education? Did they fulfill their personal, moral responsibility to do everything possible to care for themselves? Did they seek employment where they would be covered by a private medical plan? Were they encouraged to do nothing because of the ruling class telling them that their failure to succeed was someone else’s fault? Are they in our nation legally? Are any of them addicted to one kind of substance or another?

Make no mistake. We need a viable, appropriately triaged safety net for the citizens who, through no fault of their own, cannot care for themselves. But these programs must be solvent. These programs have to be paid for as costs are incurred rather than funded by deficits and Ponzi schemes, the cost of which will immorally be passed down to future generations.

An idea for Sen. Heller: He could author a book, “Profiles in Cowardice.”

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