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Nevada teachers singing the same old tune

In response to the April 6 column by Amelia Pak-Harvey (“Attacking little issues, overlooking the big one”): I believe Ms. Pak-Harvey and all the disgruntled teachers need to stop overlooking the big issue, which appears to be their desire to live the life of Bill Gates. More money, money, money is their incessant chant every legislative session, year in and year out.

Here are some solutions for disgruntled teachers unhappy with their pay:

■ If you want the income of Bill Gates, develop a product with your own money that the public desires.

■ Work your tail off establishing a business catering to those needing your services.

■ Develop market-orientated business credentials to take advantage of the ever-changing desires of the consumer.

■ Condition yourself to work 24/7 for 365 days a year with no guarantee of even making the minimum wage while saving a few cents for business necessities or life emergencies.

Once you’ve tried all of the above, you just might become humble enough to be thankful for the public’s generosity.

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