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Nevada’s high auto insurance rates

When I moved here from Iowa, I was shocked by the massive increase in my car insurance premium. My insurance agent explained to me that there are more car accidents here than in Iowa. While this is true, the other factor involves the greed of unscrupulous lawyers and people in general.

It is a fact that Las Vegas has become a Mecca for ambulance chasers. Two of my friends were involved separately in a fender bender. Realistically, neither of them was injured. But their respective lawyers referred them to physician/chiropractors who were part of the collusion team. The services of physical therapists ensued and after six to eight weeks of unnecessary therapy, they asked the lawyers to settle the case. They were advised to continue the therapy because “the longer the therapy, the more money they can collect.”

Is there anything the city or state government can do to curb this type of crooked practice?

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