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Nevada’s public pensions are all taxpayer money

In regard to the Jan. 6 essay by Bernard Paolini, president of the Retired Public Employees of Nevada (“Open records and government pensions”): I actually could not believe what I was reading.

Mr. Paolini says, “First, system funds are not taxpayer funds.” Really? It is the “Public Employees Retirement System.” That means the beneficiaries are public employees. That means they work for the government — for instance, the public schools, local governments, fire departments, park services, etc. That means they are paid by the government, which is funded by state and local “taxpayers.”

I’m not sure how Mr. Paolini could say something like that because he obviously knows better.

The reason those at PERS don’t want the public to know too much about pension details is because the benefits are multiples of the amount anyone in the private sector could ever dream of getting. They don’t want the average taxpayer to know because they (the taxpayers) are the ones paying for it.

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