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New Las Vegas Raiders stadium lacks parking

Updated September 6, 2018 - 9:35 pm

It is quite idiotic that a Las Vegas state-of-the-art football stadium is being built without enough land for attendees to park. Before the first shovel touched the dirt, a proper parking area was a major problem. Yet it has been ignored all this time, and no further positive action has been taken. Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak’s answer of off-site parking areas throughout town — some 2-3 miles from the stadium — is completely unacceptable.

How does Sisolak expect to fill the stadium without decent access to the structure? When a pro football game isn’t sold out 24 hours prior to kickoff, it will be blacked out in the local area. It might be more convenient and cheaper to invest in the NFL channel, drive to Arizona or Utah or go to a local casino that just might allow tailgating in their parking lot.

Just build a large parking garage.

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