New Nevada state symbol: orange cone

To the editor:

I am sure this has been mentioned before, but it bears repeating: What is going on with the non-stop road construction all over this city?

I am all for fixing roads and putting people to work, but this seems to be a matter, in many cases, of just coning off huge sections of street for months on end with no work being done.

How about actually starting work on an area when you decide to eliminate lanes, and eliminating lanes only in the actual vicinity of where the work is being done? Here’s another suggestion: More manpower on fewer jobs at one time to actually get those jobs finished in a timely fashion.

In my 11-mile daily trip to work I drive through at least six different construction projects. I call these “construction projects” loosely because, as I said, most of these do not appear to have any actual construction activity going on.

The argument that the construction is happening at night or at a time other than when I drive through doesn’t hold water because I also see many coned off areas that have absolutely no sign that any construction has been performed at all, ever. Get the cones off the road until you are actually doing something.

Michael Burton

Las Vegas

Tax advice

To the editor:

Why is cutting FICA withholding so popular? I’m as excited as anyone to hear taxes will be cut, but why cut the funding mechanism for Social Security and Medicare? Aren’t these programs the source of huge liabilities for our government that are already threatening our future?

Additionally, all the tax gimmicks our president has proposed are going to further complicate our tax code labyrinth and create even greater compliance costs. Why is simplifying the tax code always off the table?

Infrastructure? Are people not able to travel roads and bridges (because of their disrepair) to get to the businesses to do their purchasing? No. We lack demand, and no business is going to embark on a long-term plan based upon temporary, ginned up demand. Many politicians think that government stimulus would create demand that would somehow feed off itself after it peters out. In fact, what would motivate job creation is the long-term prospect of low taxation and streamlined, less silly, overdone regulation.

People holding capital got wealthy doing something with their money, not sitting on it. Give them better prospects of making a buck (and keeping some) and capital will come off the sidelines. Risk would be less risky (failure could be less of a loss).

I know that a lot of people think money grows on trees because it’s made of paper, but wealth is created by the profit motive (which is not the same as greed). We need the government to lay off the carrot, so it can grow of its own accord, and put away the stick, saving it for response to violent action.

They must have written a new Constitution while I was asleep. It seems the new preamble reads, “We the sheeple, in order to avoid responsibility for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish a new oligarchy to make our choices and take the blame when life sucks, which represents the next step in human evolution and the fulfillment of the promise of The Age Of Enlightenment. Amen.”

Kevin L. Stockton

North Las Vegas

Financial prudence

To the editor:

I disagree with Jay Piper’s Friday letter on outsourcing at the Clark County School District.

As a Yale graduate, I believe educating children is a society’s most important task. With the economic crisis here in Nevada, we have to spend our scare dollars wisely.

That’s where outsourcing comes in.

No one should ever outsource his core competency. So we will never outsource the actual teaching of our children. But hey, bus drivers and custodians are not crucial to our children’s education. That’s the place where we can cut spending so we have the requisite dollars to spend on more and/or better teachers.

There are two solutions in this scenario: Ask the local bus drivers and custodians to cut their salaries to meet the outsourcer’s costs. If they don’t want to do that, then outsourcing makes economic sense.

To the bus drivers and custodians: I had to accept a 20 percent pay cut since January 2009. Believe me, it hurts. But I got used to it because I still have a job. I learned to have “enough.”

Everyone has to sacrifice if we are going to make Nevada and America great again. But that’s another story …

BETH Ellyn Rosenthal


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