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New stadiums and the traffic problem

To the editor:

But how will they get there?

I hope both the proponents and opponents of UNLV’s stadium plans were able to witness the hours of traffic gridlock that occurred around the Thomas & Mack Center on Thursday evening when our Olympic basketball team played. I can’t even fathom the chaos if a stadium with three times the capacity were to be built in that area.

The same goes for Caesars Entertainment’s plans on Koval Lane. Additional development between the airport and the Strip will kill the golden goose.

David Lyons

Las Vegas

Working group

To the editor:

You have to be kidding. Members of the Resort Corridor Work Group spent more than $1.2 million and what did they come up? No more selling water and other products on the Strip, plus animals have a curfew.

They could have hired five unemployed people to do that in a week for about $2,000. Talk about wasting money.

The first arrest for a water offense was an older man in a wheelchair. The police had to call an ambulance and put him on a gurney. A truck towed his wheelchair. How much did that cost the county?

The next time this working group needs to address something, I’m 80 years old and will work for $100 a day.



Chimp killed

To the editor:

Once again, we have an unnecessary death by police, this one a beloved chimpanzee (“Police kill escaped chimp,” Friday Review-Journal).

The animal got out of his double-locked enclosure with his partner and was shot to death in the middle of the street – with pictures of his dead body flashing on the news and Internet for all to see.

A rogue cop decided to end the chimp’s life instead of using a tranquilizer gun. According to the news, there were 20 police cars there, and yet this rogue cop decided by himself that he knew best what to do. A totally shameful and disgusting ending to a majestic animal’s life.

Patricia Mckinney

Las Vegas

Power structure

To the editor:

In response to Kathleen Hall Jamieson’s Thursday commentary, “Could a truly honest pol become president?” The answer is probably no.

The media and the “political machinery” won’t allow it. I say this because the “right” candidate for the current race has already been disallowed. Who was he? Ron Paul, our best chance to regain America as the founders envisioned it via the Constitution.

Mr. Paul had a plan, a budget and millions of dollars raised solely through the donations of private individuals. His supporters were so strong they were able to gain control of the Nevada Republican political machine. The RNC had the audacity to create a new organization rather than succumb to the will of the people. Mr. Paul’s successes were all but ignored by the media because they didn’t want to endanger their arrangement with members of the existing power structure.

I don’t think a true representative of the people has a snowball’s chance under the current structure controlled by the political parties. If we don’t regain the force of the Constitution and limited federal government, America as we knew it is doomed. Party allegiance has become more important than the welfare and will of the people our politicians are suppose to represent.

Eugene Varcados

Las Vegas

Likes ‘none’

To the editor:

I agree with the principle that a vote for “none of these candidates” has been stripped of its constitutional value in determining an election outcome. But this is still one of the simplest nonviolent forms of protest offered to a concerned citizen in Nevada. Just not voting – as Bruce Woodbury espoused in his Thursday letter – would mix the concerned protest vote with the apathetic non-vote.

At a time when state and local governments, Congress and even the White House are making decisions that would be rejected by the majority of Americans, restricting the rights of voting Americans is not the solution. Instead, Mr. Woodbury and his friends should be fighting for new legislation that empowers the vote for “none of these candidates.”

For as long as I can remember, concerned Americans have been confronted with voting for the lesser of two evils. Governments have become awash in evil – though I hope the lesser of the two. We all would be better served by empowering citizens and not by restricting their rights. 

Robert Coatsworth

Las Vegas

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