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NFL’s Raiders had better right the ship

I hope the Raiders can turn their team around before they come to Las Vegas. If they don’t start winning, I hope officials with the new stadium have a lot of other events planned when football is not in season.

If the Raiders keep playing like they are now, those 2,000 parking spaces will be more than enough to accommodate the people who will show up. Sure doesn’t look like the $750 million the state is coming up with is going to be well spent. That was a bad mistake.

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LETTER: Beware of fascism

Wayne Allyn Root writes about a plan to “make America American again” and lists 10 proposed executive orders to “stop illegal immigration.” Coincidence?

LETTER: ‘What’s a dean?’

I know well about deans in higher education, but I’ve never heard of a dean in K-12. So I assumed “dean” was a new title for “assistant principal.”

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The very people who claim we are destroying the planet and must get off fossil fuels are the ones who fight the attempts to do just that.