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No need to double the Nevada’s renewable portfolio standard

Regarding his Tuesday letter “Energy choice,” David Jenkins states, “The Review–Journal’s recent editorial ‘RPS amendment would decrease energy choice’ was a real head-scratcher.” Mr. Jenkins wants Nevadans to rush into doubling the state’s renewable portfolio standard from 25 percent to 50 percent so half our energy comes from renewable sources.

He goes on to try to scare us by stating “the price of natural gas is expected to double by 2030.” He further states that “right now, Nevada ratepayers are almost totally at the mercy of the global natural gas market.”

In fact, natural gas is not expected to double by 2030. The price of natural gas has decreased so much that currently we are barely tapping into the 100 years of natural gas reserves here in the United States. We will never be “totally at the mercy of the global markets.”

Mr. Jenkins, who is from Virginia and is supposed to be a conservative, sounds like he wants Nevada to take another step toward becoming California.

Most conservatives agree with a more market-oriented approach when it comes to our energy conversion to renewables, which I believe the current RPS accomplishes. I agree with the Review-Journal and Gov. Brian Sandoval’s approach.

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