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‘None of these candidates’ just might win

This election is the worst I can remember. We keep hearing about how we must stop the hate, yet all we see and hear every hour of every day are hateful lies, half lies and innuendo from the candidates. If “None of These Candidates” were a viable option, I think it would win this year.

Pam Chapman

Las Vegas

Sordid past

I loved the “Clinton urges early vote” headline in last Thursday’s Review-Journal. Of course she would. I would, too, if every day brought more dirty laundry from a sordid past.

Charlie Mack

Las Vegas

Hijacking democracy

The government should be the proxy by which the people operate — and that is clearly not what went on with the special session. It was disingenuous, at best, and a big reason so many people are disgusted at our political system. When our “leaders” start becoming leaders and learn to say no to a blatant attempt at hijacking democracy, then maybe we will start giving them the respect they think they deserve.

There was absolutely no reason to lump the stadium and convention center projects into one bill other than to make sure they passed — and to give our legislators an out with their constituents. Unfortunately for them, I can see right though it.

James Scouten

Las Vegas

Media exposed

For years we have heard the left claim that liberal media bias was an illusion. Denial followed denial followed denial. Now the bottom has fallen out due to the release of hacked emails by WikiLeaks.

The “venerable” New York Times — the haughty and arrogant sheet that claimed it published only “news fit to print” — has now been exposed as actually having its copy edited by the Clinton campaign.

The Washington Post — the bastion of investigative journalism highlighted by Woodward and Bernstein — has now been exposed as having its editorial manager working with Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

CNN — otherwise known as the Clinton News Network — had a political commentator surreptitiously delivering debate questions to the Clinton campaign before the debate!

And there is more, as reporters at NBC, CBS and CNBC have been exposed for having taken their questions from the Clinton campaign. Not to mention the vast corruption exposed as to the collusion between the White House, Department of Justice, FBI and the Clinton campaign to cover up and kill off the email investigation.

It is obvious that the American people have lost faith in the institutions that were supposed to serve us all — and rightly so. The Obama administration has taken corruption to a new level whereas criminal conduct is swept under the rug as long as you are on the liberal side.

The left claims that Mr. Trump putting in place a special prosecutor to untangle this web is akin to us becoming a banana republic in which political opponents are persecuted. Well, you ignorant left-wing pundits, we are already there.

Joseph Schillmoeller

Las Vegas

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