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Northern Nevada high schools wimping out when it comes to the state championship

Did the old St. Louis Browns and other baseball teams balk at playing against Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees? What about the teams that played the Chicago Bears “Monsters of the Midway,” or Red Auerbach’s Boston Celtic dynasty or the dynasty of John Wooden’s UCLA basketball teams?

More recently, do college teams balk at playing the University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball team that won more than 100 consecutive games? Did golfers shy away from competing against Tiger Woods in his prime?

No. They relished the opportunity to play against the best, and it’s my feeling that the prep football players in Northern Nevada feel the same way about competing against Bishop Gorman. In every sport, the jock wants the challenge.

The whiners are the coaches who are pressured by the trophy-for-everyone parents who never played football or got their nose busted on the gridiron.

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