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Nothing wrong with skier Lindsey Vonn’s comment about White House

In his recent letter to the Review-Journal, Richard Palyo slammed skier Lindsey Vonn for saying she skis for the United States and not for Donald Trump. Mr. Palyo states that Ms. Vonn should respect the presidency.

To understand his comment, I researched hers. Ms. Vonn stated that if she wins, as others have done, she would not visit the White House if invited.

Mr. Trump recently honored the Navajo code talkers. He dishonored them during the ceremony by digressing to throw ad hominem insults at a U.S. senator. This was not the forum for such behavior, but it’s always more about Mr. Trump than anyone else. The honorees were visibly uncomfortable during his diatribe. I, for one, would not relish being the pretext for the president to go off on a rant patting himself on the back or insulting others, as he has done on other occasions.

Mr. Trump has not respected the elected officials and citizens of this county, and therefore he has dishonored the office he holds. It is his role to set the example, and by his actions he has exacerbated discord in the country. People are more likely to visit the White House when Mr. Trump honors them and not himself.

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