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Notion that illegal immigrants help the economy is wrong

One of the arguments always thrown around by the folks who want open borders is the negative economic impact that deporting illegal immigrants would have.

They always spout huge figures that illegalls are contributing to the local and the national economies.

I find it a real insult to my intelligence to say that if those here illegally had not entered the country, those jobs and businesses would not exist. Further, it is a fact that illegals have brought wages down — they have affected hospitals and jails, as well.

I am tired of the argument that citizens will not do these jobs.

This whole Dreamer controversy would not even exist if the federal government had done its duty and protected the borders after the 1986 amnesty. The whole deal was made on the assumption that the problem would never happen again. Those 3 million illegals were given amnesty but the borders were left open — and now we have to deal with 13 million to 25 million illegals who should have never been allowed to come here.

Just stop all the gnashing of teeth and follow the laws. If you do not like the law, elect people who will change them.

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