November’s Question 3 deserves a no vote

The answer to Question 3 on the ballot should be obvious to anyone who has looked at it seriously:

1. The annual average NV Energy electric consumption rate for 2013 was $0.114025 per kilowatt-hour. The average for the first three quarters of 2018 was $0.11138. That’s a decrease of 2.35 percent over the six-year period.

2. The inflation rate based on the consumer price index over the same six-year period increased 9.43 percent.

3. Per an article in the Monday Review-Journal, the average power rate for the 15 states that have deregulated is 30 percent higher than in Nevada.

4. I am not a fan of NV Energy since I installed rooftop solar in 2015. But without protection from the Public Utilities Commission, there is no guarantee that what they pulled in 2016 will not happen again.

The answer to Question 3 is no.

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