Op-ed attacking Nanny Staters for ruining Thanksgiving misses the mark

In response to the Wednesday commentary by Will Coggin, “A cornucopia of carcinogenic conjecture”:

Mr. Coggin works for a front group for industries that profit from intensively confining and slaughtering animals. So it’s no surprise that he’s trying to downplay the health hazards of eating turkey flesh, which is high in fat and cholesterol and is frequently contaminated with salmonella bacteria.

Mr. Coggin is worried because People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals is educating people about cruelty to animals and helping to change consumers’ buying habits. That’s why he tries to mislead people about PETA’s work. But anyone who visits www.PETA.org can see our ad reminding people that most turkeys — smart, sentient animals that form strong family bonds when given the chance — are no older than 26 weeks when they’re slaughtered.

PETA is simply calling on caring people to go vegan and give animals something to be thankful for.

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