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Taking politics out of judicial selection? Sure

To the editor: After reading the Wednesday article on retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s support for appointing rather than electing judges, I feel compelled to give another side of the story.

State has plenty of options regarding taxes

To the editor: With the passing of Republican Gov. Kenny Guinn went the Nevada governor who had the courage and leadership to push through an $836 million tax increase in 2003 to balance the state’s budget. The tax increase was strongly opposed by many from his party, but it was necessary to prevent a budget meltdown.

Right-wing nuts would reverse progress

Why do Republican members of Congress despise the middle class of our country so? They vote no, no, no for every piece of legislation designed to help the middle class, create jobs or help small business. Their obstructionism has slowed our recovery to a crawl and they still insist in shifting our middle class wealth upward to the richest 10 percent.

Schools’ transportation policy is dangerous

As a parent of three third-graders starting a new school in Henderson this year, I was shocked to find out that there was no bus transportation for them.