Palestinian state the only hope for peace

To the editor:

Although I can appreciate Elliot B. Karp’s concern for the Israeli people, I have to wonder if he has been to the area recently, as they are doing themselves no favors (Sunday letter).

As you drive throughout the country, you see Israeli apartment buildings being erected in Palestinian areas when there is plenty of developable land adjacent to their established cities. You see what little water they have being diverted to support Kibbutz that are placed far out in the middle of the desert, and policies concerning border crossings are arbitrary and capricious. We and hundreds of other cars, taxis and tour buses were held at the border, breathing exhaust, for more than five hours. The guard in charge, a teenager with a chip on his shoulder, brusquely checked my passport three times (I mistakenly thought being American and a woman traveling with my mother-in-law might be considered in a favorable light), repeatedly shoving the taxi drivers and other service workers with his machine gun.

I can only imagine the frustration the people in this region would have, having to deal with these types of guards on a daily basis. I do have hope, however. Reading the newspapers in Israel, there are a number of rabbis who feel establishing a Palestinian state, one that includes access to water and trade routes, is the only solution for peace. I do hope that their message is heard by the far right-wing parties of their country and our own so that peace may ultimately become a reality in this very special place.

Carrie Stowers

Las Vegas

Florida critic

To the editor:

I am responding to the Thursday letter from Ronald Mancini from Bushnell, Fla. (“No more Vegas”).

Mr. Mancini writes that because the voters in Nevada re-elected U.S. Sen. Harry Reid he no longer comes to Las Vegas and now opts for Biloxi, Miss. Let me be clear, I am not a supporter of Sen. Reid, but I do have a few suggestions for Mr. Mancini:

1) Mind your own business. The citizens of Nevada do not tell the citizens of Florida who they should vote for.

2) Enjoy Biloxi. As you stated, it certainly is not Las Vegas.

3) By living in a state that is also tourism-driven, you should be very careful about casting stones.

Tony Amodeo

Las Vegas

Losing war

To the editor:

When Lyndon Johnson announced “The War on Hunger,” he stated that some 12 million Americans went to bed hungry every evening. And so he introduced the food stamp program. After 45 years of that “war on hunger” we have now some 45 million people receiving food stamps.

It has become customary to ask the following questions about any war the U.S. gets engaged in:

1) What is the definition of victory?

2) What is our exit strategy?

Something to think about.

Marc Jeric

Las Vegas

Clean house

To the editor:

I am totally disgusted — as I am sure many in the valley are — that despite a packed hearing room and a entire hall of standing-room-only citizens, the Clark County Commission voted in favor of building 7,000 new homes near Red Rock Canyon (Aug. 18 Review-Journal). Despite testimony of facts, figures and emotional statements of many associations and citizens, our commission voted yes because they are of the mind that developer Jim Rhodes might sue the county. It is a well-known fact that Mr. Rhodes is in financial distress. How is he going to sue anyone?

The commissioners should have called his bluff and made decisions based on the will of the people who elected them.

We have the commission to blame for the low values of our homes because of overbuilding as it is. This “build it and they will come” mentality has destroyed our home values. Had they imposed a moratorium on building long ago, we would all be better off today. This notion that building brings jobs is nonsense. They are temporary jobs. Once the building is over, so are the jobs.

I say all public servants who totally ignore the people who elected them need to go, and this starts at the city, county and state levels, not just D.C. Why someone hasn’t started a recall campaign against every single one of these commissioners who voted yes is anyone’s guess, but I hope there are some motivated people out there who are willing to take the time and do exactly that. I for one would gladly support any and all efforts to clean house.

Jacquelyn Romero

Las Vegas

Calorie control

To the editor:

Many of us tend to underestimate the calories in the foods we eat every day. And with busy schedules, we tend to eat out or order take-out food to feed our families. That’s why it’s more important than ever that Nevada have adequate information on menus and menu boards.

With nearly 63 percent of Nevadans considered overweight or obese, menu labeling is an inexpensive, common-sense measure that will help improve the health of our community.

As the Food and Drug Administration develops regulations requiring calories on menus and menu boards, we hope that the final rule will include establishments such as movie theaters and ensure that consumers receive clear, precise information on all menu items.

We know that a key component of reversing the obesity epidemic in Nevada is enabling residents to practice calorie control when eating outside the home.

Steve Stanko

Las Vegas

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