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Pedestrians, not private cars, cause Strip congestion

I have lived in Las Vegas for more than 30 years. I’m not sure that traffic on the Strip is due to slow-driving gawkers, as was the case in Glitter Gulch before the Fremont Street Experience was established (“Official’s idea: Free Strip from private cars,” Monday Review-Journal).

I believed, years ago, that the center median of the Strip would have been a better location for the monorail. However, gawkers are well-served by the RTC’s deuce buses.

It’s always been my impression that congested traffic on the Strip is caused by throngs of pedestrians slowly walking through — or darting across — resort driveways even when a traffic signal beckons them to stand and yield to vehicular traffic. I’d like to invite Chris Giunchigliani and other county commissioners to observe the foot and vehicle traffic patterns at just a few locations — the Strip driveway to Paris Las Vegas; the Bellagio’s Strip access; the Caesars Palace Forum Shops driveway — to see what I mean.

Providing a solution to the foot traffic at the driveways would, I believe, address some convenience and public safety concerns. It’s worked at all the major Strip intersections with elevated walkways.

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