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Pit bulls are a very dangerous breed

When will we all wake up and come to consensus that pit bulls are inherently dangerous and their owners need to be held accountable for their dogs’ actions? I speak from experience. In 1974, when I was 11-years old, I was severely mauled by two pit bulls on my way to my school bus stop in the eastern part of Las Vegas.

These two dogs had apparently “jumped” their backyard fence and were hungry and on the loose. Not 100 yards from my house they fronted me, I’m sure smelling food from my lunch tucked inside my jacket, as it was raining that morning. Without any provocation, they attacked me. It lasted several minutes.

If it weren’t for several brave folks, some of whom were injured themselves, I may not be here today. I spent the next month and a half in the burn unit at Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital (now UMC), and the next several years under doctors’ care. The two dogs were shot to death by the police. Other than losing his dogs, the owner was fined a total of $35 for negligence. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my ordeal as I have visible scars on my arms, head and legs.

Over the past 43 years, nothing else has been done to address the fact that this breed is very dangerous and that the owner of the dogs should be held responsible for damage done.

My heart goes out to the family that lost their infant and others who have lost family members or have suffered injury from attacks. When will we open our eyes and do something about this?

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