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Plenty will speak up for Donald Trump

I shook my head while reading Debra J. Saunders’ Sunday column (“Bush eulogized, but who will speak for Trump?”). How soon we forget the bashing of our political leaders while they are in office. John McCain was derided as a warmonger. George H.W. Bush was called one, also. Critics said George W. Bush used war to avenge his father’s failures. Jimmy Carter was called inept. Bill Clinton? Well, he was just a dog.

Donald Trump is not without fault, but no more than any of the other politicos who were bashed during their tenure in office.

Ms. Saunders asked: Who will speak for Mr. Trump when he goes (in many years I pray)? The same people who criticized Bush 41 and Sen. McCain spoke eloquently of their virtues after their deaths. I’m sure there will be many who will have kind words for Mr. Trump, as well.

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