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Political correctness and movie casting

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has announced that she is withdrawing from her upcoming movie role as a transgender man due to the backlash from the trans community. Apparently, the community is adamant that only a “real transgender” actor/actress can properly play a transgender role. In keeping with Hollywood’s politically correct cause of the day, she buckled to the pressure.

Since apparently only an actual transgender person can play a transgender role, does that preclude a transgender actor/actress from playing a non-trans role? How about Tom Cruise in his role in the upcoming remake of the movie “Top Gun”? I call upon all real fighter pilots to protest this casting faux pas. Obviously, Mr. Cruise’s role can be filled only by a real fighter pilot.

The examples can go on forever.

Note to Hollywood elites: Your professional existence centers around you pretending (albeit poorly at times) to be someone you are not. Ms. Johansson’s star power in this role would probably have advanced both her career and the transgender message. Instead, the demand for inclusivity will likely result in another pile of film on the cutting room floor.

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