President becoming his own worst enemy

I can’t help but wonder if many other Americans such as myself, who voted for Donald Trump, are feeling disillusioned. Many voted for Mr. Trump because he represented a true change in the political world or “status quo.” Many of his campaign pledges were just what millions of Americans wanted to hear. The problem now is that Mr. Trump is becoming his worst enemy.

First, I can’t ever remember a president using social media as a weapon, the way Mr. Trump does. He seems to attack people I feel he should have little or no contact with or should simply ignore. Stop the tweets. He needs to start showing those who voted for him that he’s interested in what is good or bad for America, not just in matters that offend him personally. Who cares what a London mayor thinks or does as long as it doesn’t effect this country?

Second, and most troubling, are the voices of those who feel the president should be impeached for his recent actions regarding James Comey, Michael Flynn and Vladimir Putin. Whether these accusations are true should be very troubling to him … they are to me.

I hate to think that I and millions of Americans were wrong when we didn’t vote for a true politician, although there were many other reasons that transpired. It is possible that Donald Trump needs to inherit a few more political manners and get back to what is important to those who elected him as well as to the entire country.

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