President Trump would be the end of the U.S.

In the second debate, Donald Trump channeled Hugo Chavez. Mr. Trump directing toward his opponent the use of the word “devil” and the phrase “you will go to jail” were typical of Chavez. Mr. Trump scowled and paced like a vicious animal behind imaginary bars waiting to attack Hillary Clinton.

Hugo Chavez is deceased and forgotten. Venezuela … well, it is also all but deceased and forgotten.

This is our fate if Mr. Trump becomes our president.

Ann Turnbull


Who needs it?

Hidden in one of Hillary’s Clinton’s answers was (accidentally) a way to save the government a lot of money. The list of things she wants the U.S. Supreme Court to do are all within the prerogative or authority of Congress. If she gets elected, we could dispense with Congress and save a lot of money.

Charles Gould

Las Vegas

Media problem

I find it ironic that people are so up in arms regarding Donald Trump’s “locker room” talk when such activity and talk gets a free pass on television and in movies, video games, comic books, etc. This type of behavior is available 24 hours a day to impressionable children.

I hope the candidates who are fleeing from Mr. Trump will take up making the Hollywood media more responsible.

Joe Roeder

Las Vegas

Dirty old man

Eleven years ago, Donald Trump shot his mouth off in what he believed to be a private conversation. Yes it was vulgar, crass and in very bad taste. Did he violate any laws? Did he cause anyone injury? Was anyone killed as a result of his actions? Was he an office holder in government? Did he jeopardize the security of our country? Has he been investigated by the FBI or the Department of Justice?

Of course not.

No one who I know who supported Mr. Trump in the primary thought of him as the most moral, decent or religious man on the planet. Supporting Mr. Trump for president was the best alternative to the crooked, corrupt Hillary Clinton continuing the Obama presidency. And it still is.

Both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump are very flawed candidates, to be sure. But while it is obvious that Mr. Trump just might be a dirty old man, he would not jeopardize our national security. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has been married to and continues to support a dirty old man who even as president couldn’t contain himself.

I’ll stick with Trump in November. Donald Trump, with all his faults, loves our country.

Ron Hirschkind

Las Vegas

Nice break

It’s no secret that political ads stretch the truth — or, in some cases, lie outright. Rep. Joe Heck is running one particular ad against Catherine Cortez Masto, chiding her for missing 174 days of work. Rep. Heck claims that she was “on vacation” during that time.

My purpose is to point out the utter hypocrisy of Rep. Heck saying that the time Ms. Masto spent attending conventions and seminars on behalf of our state was in any way a vacation.

Rep. Heck, on the other hand, will be absent from his job in Washington, D.C., for 254 days during 2016. That’s correct, Congress will be in session for only 111 days this year.

Now, that’s a vacation.

Jim Graham

Las Vegas

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