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Protesting parents off base on state education gender guidelines

I was appalled at the response of parents regarding the state Department of Education’s new anti-bullying law which addresses the rights and needs of persons with diverse gender identities or expressions (“Transgender regulation outcry,” Wednesday Review-Journal). To say that this law is “forcing” children to comply with regulations that go against their Christian values is not common sense.

One of the main rules that all religions follow is the Golden Rule — a rule of ethical conduct referring to do to others as you would have them do to you. I’m a great-grandmother, and I’ve always taught my children, as my parents taught me, to “think how what you are about to do to someone would affect you if it were done to you.” It’s quite simple.

I went to elementary and high school in the ’50s and ‘60s. I never had problems with anyone who was gay or identified as another gender than the one with which they were born. They were still kids, and I enjoyed playing and talking with them. Although my parents and grandparents were devout Christians, they never, ever told me to stay away from “gay” people or anyone who was different — that wouldn’t have been kind.

Why do people bring up Christian values but throw one of the guiding tenets of Christianity out the window? Do better, people.

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