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Public pensions and tax money

I really appreciate the Review-Journal printing opposing views. The Jan. 6 commentary by Bernard Paolini reinforces my preconceived opinion on the intelligence of many of our dedicated public servants.

In regard to the Public Employees Retirement System, Mr. Paolini states, “The system’s funds are not taxpayer funds.” He goes on: “Employees contribute one half” and the “other half is paid by the employing agency.”

He’s got to be kidding.

Where does he think the money to pay his salary and benefits comes from? The last time I checked, government does nothing to create wealth or a profit. Its only source of revenue is taxation — money that is confiscated under the threat of fines, penalties and/or prison.

In the real world, there is no free lunch. PERS ain’t in the real world. It’s government at its worst — smoke and mirrors.

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