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Radical liberals now showing their true colors

In just the past week, we have members of the liberal left reveal what they really want America to look like. They all advocate the destruction of the private insurance industry and herding all Americans into a government-led health care debacle. One is proposing a “wealth tax,” which is a brazen seizure of property. Almost all have gravitated to supporting a proposed 70 percent upper bracket. They say these tax proposals are just for the “tippy top” rich folk. But we all know where they eventually lead: right to your front door.

But there’s more.

Two liberal governors — from New York and Virginia — have defended legislation that permits infanticide. Not only do these bills allow third-trimester abortions — the killing of a child up to a few minutes before delivery — they would allow the physician to kill the child if it successfully fends off the initial attempt on its life. Essentially, the unborn child has the status of a purse or cellphone.

Who are these people and how do they get elected to power? How anyone can vote for a government to seize a person’s property is one thing, but to ally yourself with a political party that devalues human life and allows the murder of a defenseless human being is disgraceful. These people must be removed if we are a civilized society and some semblance of common sense and compassion returned to our governing class.

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