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Republic Service’s new pickup schedule is a better deal

In response to Kevin Beck’s Saturday letter to the editor regarding Republic Services’ trash pickup:

Mr. Beck is wrong about getting “half” the pickup service for the same price. Our old service picked up trash twice per week and recycling items once every two weeks. That’s five times total every two weeks. Five separate trucks. We used our own barrels and bins for trash, and little red, white and blue crates supplied by Republic Services for recycled items. Now we get one trash and one recycling pickup each week, plus a “bulk pickup” once every two weeks. For bulk we can use any barrels, bins or bundles at the curb. This, too, is five separate trucks every two weeks. But now, Republic Services supplies us with large, covered bins on wheels that are water/windproof. Much better.

And if you have a large family that normally overfills one trash bin each week, Republic Services will give you a second trash bin and pick up both each week at no additional charge. It’s much better service overall.

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