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Responsible candidates will remove their signs

Art Marroquin’s excellent column on a topic that most of us find annoyingly overlooked by government officials and political candidates reminded us of our own experience during the recent election cycle (“All right, candidates, take down your signs,” Nov 21 Review-Journal).

We live on a corner lot and a candidate we felt we could support asked permission to install two campaign yard signs on our property. We authorized this but later regretted that decision because the signs were never taken down after the primary even after we called and also emailed the candidate’s office requesting their removal. I removed them myself.

We considered this irresponsible behavior to be a preview of post-election behavior. So we voted for the candidate’s opponent. The candidate from the opposition party won election.

Why would a candidate campaigning for office behave so arrogantly and irresponsibly by ignoring sign ordinances when he or she is trying to convince passers-by that he or she is the “best” candidate for the job? Maybe he or she is too thoughtless, uncaring or unqualified for the office.

Kenneth F. Hines

Mary Lindsay

Las Vegas

Clinton fate

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton’s paranoia inflicted damage. But she has only herself to blame. I do not believe she should be subjected to further investigation, as it would be a disruptive distraction for our nation when more pressing concerns are before us.

There should be a reference on her record as secretary of state that emphasizes her carelessness regarding her emails. That way, future government appointees will be aware that such behavior is not without consequence.

In the same vein, I would like to see Gen. David Petraeus and Navy sailor Kristian Saucier pardoned with matching conditions.

Tom Hoover

Las Vegas

Poor comparison

I take exception to writer Jim Hawkes’ comparison of our president elect to Adolf Hitler (Wednesday letter to the editor). This is just the type of hysteria and twisted thinking that is causing riots across our nation. Give Mr. Hawkes and other Chicken Littles a participation trophy and a therapy dog.

Joe Molinaro


Loser’s lament

Jim Hawkes’ Wednesday letter to the editor comparing President-elect Donald Trump to Hitler shows a level of ignorance beyond belief. Mr. Hawkes stated that “madness and mayhem” will ensue.

This type of inflammatory language — calling Mr. Trump Hitler-like — is an insult to the victims and everyone who had a relative or friend who was murdered during the Holocaust.

Mr. Hawkes and his fellow Democrats need to get over the fact that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost the election. Maybe if they hadn’t put up a candidate who was under federal investigation by the FBI they might have won.

As President Obama once told Sen. John McCain, elections have consequences. You lost. Get over it.

Michael O. Kreps

Las Vegas


In his Nov. 20 column, Wayne Allyn Root delved into the reasons that Nevada went “blue” in the recent election. While I agree with everything he wrote, may I suggest he left out the most important reason: Californication.

For years, Oregon residents tried to fight off the onslaught of the invaders from the south only to be overcome by the liberal hordes. Next came Colorado, a reliable red state. It has now succumbed to the influx of the so-called progressives.

Now Nevada has come under liberal rule. Who will be next? Three families move out of California for every one moving into the state. Many are moving to Texas for its many benefits. Texans should be concerned, very concerned.

R. Scott Elsasser

Las Vegas

Evidence of fraud?

If Wayne Allyn Root has any credible evidence of “massive voter fraud” or “illegal immigrants voting all over this country” as stated in his Nov. 20 column, he has an obligation to forward that information to the mostly Republican secretaries of state across the country. He can start with Nevada’s own Republican secretary of state, Barbara Cegavske.

Helen V. Graber


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