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Review-Journal water series was well done

Thank you for the informative series on water and Lake Mead.

Water features and grass distinguish our upscale communities within the Las Vegas Valley and contribute to an enjoyable quality of life. Affluent neighborhoods will remain, regardless of their water bills.

And while our water bills may seem high, it is not due to the charge for water. It is the fees tacked on. Actually increasing the charge for water causes users to conserve and revenue to the water district drops. The challenge is how to gradually increase the charge for water without the loss of revenue.

Will a California farmer pay more to water his crops than we will to take a shower? No. Will we have to pay more for food? Yes. Trade-offs are always what it is about. More traffic to accommodate more new homes. The cycle continues as we try to educate newcomers to the desert to become water conscious.

Thanks to the Southern Nevada Water Authority for building a new straw into Lake Mead and negotiating new sharing agreements for use of the Colorado River.

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