Santa Fe, Texas: More kids shooting kids at schools

Another school shooting. After each such event, the talk is always about limiting access to guns or limiting the capacity of magazines or doing better background checks, etc. No one ever talks about what is wrong with the culture in our high schools.

Perhaps all of these shooters have played hundreds of hours of video games in which the objective is to kill people, and the more you kill the better your chances of “winning.”

Of course, in all of these games, the dead characters come back to life.

Perhaps if the schools instituted weekly assemblies and talked about real life and death some of these shooters would think twice before killing lots of people in order to “win” in their minds. Perhaps if during these assemblies a speaker were to talk about morality — you know, “thou shalt not kill” — the potential shooters would think twice before killing people.

Our society and culture have lost their way.

No amount of gun legislation will stop these massacres. There are simply too many guns in the hands of civilians to ever solve the problem with gun legislation.

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